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Friday, 20 April 2018

Ladakh Ride Cost - Budget estimate for a Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Kol-Leh-Kol (17 + 2 nights)
Hotel (1 double bed room)
Rough - 17k + 2k buffer

Min 700 per day for 5 nights - Kol-Del-Kol = 700x5 = 3500

Del - Leh via Sri - 1000 x 2 Nights = 2000

Del - Leh via Manali - 2000 + 300 (shelters) / 1000 to 1500 (tents)
~ 2500

In Leh - 1500 x 4 = 6k
(coz includes costly pangong(~2.5k) stay)
~ 8.5k

Total - ~17k
Fuel (considering 30 kmpl)
6000 kms/30 * 75 = 15k
500 x 19 = 9500 ~ 10k
~1000 + ~400 (Yamuna Toll)
Other Travel modes
At least 15k
~50k + buffer = ~65k

Del-Leh-Del (11 + 1 night)
Around Leh (6 + 1 night)
11k + 1k buffer

Del - Leh via Sri - 1000 x 2 Nights = 2000

Del - Leh via Manali - 2000 + 300 (shelters) / 1000 to 1500 (tents)
~ 2500

In Leh - 1500 x 4 = 6k
(coz includes costly pangong(~2.5k) stay)
~ 8.5k

Total - ~13k
6k + 1k buffer

In Leh - 1500 x 5 = 7.5
(coz includes costly pangong(~2.5k) stay)

Total - ~10k
3000 /30 *75 = 7500
500/30*75 = 1250 ~1500
500 x 12 = 6k
500 x 7 = 3500 ~4k
Rent cost -
350cc - 850 X12 = ~10k
Duke 200 - 1000 x 12 = 12k
500cc/Himalayan - 1400 x 12  = ~17k
Dominar/Duke390 - 1550x12 = ~19k
4 days around Leh
350 cc - 1100x4 = 4400
500cc - 1600x4 = 6400
Total - 15k - 27k
Since max, use 350 - 15k
Rent Cost -
350cc - 1100 x 7 = 7700
500cc/Himalayan - 1600 x 7 = 11200

Since max, use 350 - 8k
If via Manali - 100 (Green Tax)  + 100 (Beyond Rohtang) = 1200 total
Train/flight - 4k/8k

Less Leaves, so 8k
Flight from Kol - 10k + 10k = ~20k
At least 15k
At least 15k
~56 + buffer = ~70k
~45k + buffer = ~60k

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Life is an Adventure

Life, is an adventure
You start amidst those finer lanes, the fine tarmac
Some, lucky to hold a finger for guidance; Some alone

But, learning is a curve that can never be dodged
And, success does not come in a lash

Its the road that builds you up
Its your destination that prepares you
And, it is adventure that you seek at every turn

For, how long can you bear those same old roads?
For, how long can you subdue that glowing spirit?

So, find your way,
Set your destination & dream bigger... and bigger
There maybe ups and downs, smooth roads or no roads
All to be taken by you.

But, as time moves on, you realize that the journey is as important as your destiny

You need not be the best but, try your best

As you move forward in life,
Don't be ashamed of your emotions
Its okay to be afraid, cause that what keeps you safe
But at times, be brave
Fall down, but garner the courage to get up
Saddle up and continue again

Enjoy the journey
Treasure those moments
Leave no stone unturned
Help others; Form your pack

And, when you come back, have no regrets
Cause, Life is an Adventure
And you took it. You did your best.

S      A       N      D       A      K      P       H      U

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Musharu - Choto poshla, Boro poshla and Polshoria

Motorcycles we rode that day
Musharu along with three other villages - Choto poshla, Boro poshla and Polshoria in Bardhaman District, West Bengal is an unknown place with very few visitors is also known as Snake Village. Musharu is approximately 140 kilometers from Santragachi, Howrah. A must visit destination if you are an adventure seeker and love to explore new places.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Pulsar 200 NS Modifications

Checkout my Channel for details 

Ok, so I had a couple of mods in my mind before the Sikkim trip and numero Uno on my list was a pair of Fog lights. This one is pretty common and you would find it at almost any 2 Wheeler accessory store across the country. Here in Kolkata, I got it around 1100 from B.P. Roadies, at APC Road, Near Khanna Cinema, a few hundred meters away from Shyambazar 5 point crossing. I have mentioned the GPS location in description. You can also call the following number on screen to inquire about its availability. ( ) The installation was done by a mechanic just in front of B.P. Roadies and these lights are pretty bright and do their job well.
The same pair of lights can be brought from Amazon and installed by your local mechanic. Link given in description below -

Friday, 14 April 2017

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 8 | Lachen to Gangtok

PREVIOUS PART: Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 7 - Part 2 | Gurudongmar to Lachen
The winding mule track seemed to be the only way to reach the last house of the village. A few children playing at the end of the path created some disturbance for the owners around. As they shooed the children away, I tried to lift my head which was still feeling heavy. Lucky to have the fever down last night, I was in no hurry to start for the day. The route had already been traversed 2 days ago. I was aware of the bad terrains and the best places to stop. A hot bowl of noodles and a cup of coffee were the only things that I needed now. My bones and muscles felt a lot weaker than when I came to Lachen. Obviously, it was the cold and fever that aided this weakness. However, it was a solo ride and I had to take every step cautiously. Riding solo, you have to give your best efforts to avoid any untoward incident. And, most often a solo ride coupled with an untoward incident on these lands brew a deadly cocktail.
A snap from the way...

Friday, 24 February 2017

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 7 - Part 2 | Gurudongmar to Lachen

260m away from Gurudongmar when my Motorcycle gave up
I could have left my motorcycle there and walked uphill for the remaining hundred meters but probably, it was an emotion attached to my machine that made me push it as long as possible. I thought it would be an easy task considering that I had no saddle bags laden. But, when the engine finds it so hard to breathe, how well can I?

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 7 - Part 1 | Lachen to Gurudongmar

 There ain't any single word to describe my feelings that day. A myriad of thoughts kept overwhelming me throughout the night. When you are on the verge of doing something you are too unsure of, the dark past recalls itself to stop you from stepping ahead. Flashbacks from the accident at Goa kept haunting me. Trembling amidst those dark moments, I could still feel the warm blood flowing down my face and hear my friend's painful cries. It had been almost 4 years since that happened, yet it felt so yesterday. I struggled to get some sleep in the biting cold.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 6 | Gangtok to Lachen

I woke up before the alarm. It was around 5:30 am. On a normal day, it takes at least 3-4 alarms to get up. But, that thought was running through my head once again. Should I ride to Gurudongmar? 
I knew that the roads I had faced till now were too good to compare to the terrains that lead to the highest lake of India. Riding to an altitude almost equal to the Everest base camp, it was not amusing to think of the journey that lay ahead. Siddharth had completed Gurudongmar a day before and warned me about the conditions last night. There were almost no roads to that place. Rocks, gravel and black ice lay like a devil. No rubber could grip its surface with ease. On top of that, narrow roads, steep inclines, sub-zero temperatures and thin air made things worse. He had fallen four times during his ride. But, still had the zeal and passion to conquer the terrain. I wondered how my journey would take its shape. Could I do it? But, challenges are what brought me here in the first place.

Before all that, I had this day to make it to Lachen, the quaint North Sikkimese village from where I would start riding tomorrow and for that permits were needed.
At M.G. Marg, Gangtok (6 am) for permits

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Kolkata to Leh Ride 2017 Plan

Plan is Finalized and joining the event is Free, of course.

Join the ride here - 
Or, Scan QR Code below to join the ride:

People ask others, "lahaul spiti kiaa... killar kishtwad kiaa... gurudongmar kia... world ride kiaa.... lekin Laadaakkhhhh kia kyaa???"
So, now its time to ride to the Mecca of Indian motorcycle touring enthusiasts!!!

As for me, I am planning to ride from Kolkata (2.5 weeks plan) and join with my friends from Delhi (2 weeks plan from Delhi). But, if you wish, there are easy options to parcel your motorcycle to Delhi and start from there.

Full Plan (Kolkata - Leh - Kolkata)
Main Leg - (Delhi - Leh (via Srinagar) - Manali - Delhi)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 5 | Pelling to Gangtok

While friends woke up early morning to see the magical Kanchenjunga from our balcony, treading outside the warmth of my blanket was out of question. Instead, I removed the curtains and peeked from my bed, keeping a balance between lethargy and curiosity. After sleeping for a few more hours, it was time to pack up and leave. Except Okhrey, the plan did not include halting at the same place for more than a day. Time bound plannings like these were too swift to enjoy the essence of a place.
Somewhere on the way...