One Living Life: Riding to Gurudongmar and Sikkim | November 2016 Planning

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Riding to Gurudongmar and Sikkim | November 2016 Planning

Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim
Update: Skip to the end of this post for the Travelogue (Trip Completed)

Well, after months, something nice has been chalked out. Initially, I had planned to ride solo but when your mom almost looses consciousness (need to enhance my manipulative skills) listening to that, you have to look for other options. My good friends don't generally let such good plans pass away and the wise ones jumped into the bandwagon soon.

Some later revealed themselves to be die-hard Coldplay fans and stepped back holding their free Coldplay concert tickets. I wish I could attend the same too but nothing tops my wishes more than plans that carry me to far off places on my motorcycle.

But, this is just the plan, you see. Although, I will wait for this trip with all the energy and excitement, there can be a lot of hurdles that come up. Just hoping for the best. :)

Final Trip Itinerary

Online Permits -

18th to 27th November, 2016

Trip Itinerary (Car)
Saturday (11 am) – NJP to Phadamchen (125 km)
Sunday – Phadamchin to Gangtok via Zuluk (Sunday night we get together @ Gangtok) (101 km)
Trip Itinerary (Motorcycle/s)
Saturday – Kolkata to NJP (580 kms)
Sunday – NJP to Gangtok (Sunday night we get together @ Gangtok) (120 kms)

Common (Motorcycles/Cars)
Monday – Gangtok to Lachen (122 km)
Tuesday – Lachen to Gurudongmar back at Lachung (180 km)
Wednesday – Lachung to Yumsamdong back at Chungthang (123 km)
Thursday – Chungthung to Pelling (150 kms)
Friday – Pelling to Versey to Okhrey (83 km)

Trip Itinerary (Car)
Saturday – Okhrey (Stay)
Sunday – Okhrey to NJP (130 km)
Trip Itinerary (Motorcycle/s)
Saturday – Okhrey to NJP (130 km)
Sunday – NJP to Kolkata (580 km)

19th Nov (Day 1 - Saturday)
Leave Kolkata early morning for NJP (580 kms)
Night Stay – NJP

20th Nov (Day 2 – Sunday)
NJP-> Gangtok – 120 kms
Permits, if needed.
Night Stay – Gangtok

21th Nov (Day 3 – Monday)
Gangtok to Lachen – 122 kms
Gangtok-> Tashi View Point (8 kms)
Tashi View Point-> Kabi Lungchok (12 kms)
Kabi-> Seven Sisters Waterfall (14 kms)
Seven Sisters Waterfall -> Phodong (6 kms)
Phodong-> Lachen (82 kms)
Night Stay (Lachen)

22nd Nov (Day 4 - Tuesday)
Lachen to Lachung via Gurudongmar - 180 kms
Lachen-> Gurudongmar Lake (17,800 ft) – 67 kms
Gurudongmar-> Lachung – 113 kms
Night Stay (Lachung)
23rd Nov (Day 5 – Wednesday)
Lachung to Chungthang via Zero Point – 123 kms
Lachung-> Zero Point, Yumesamdong (15, 300 ft) – 52 kms
Zero Point-> Yumthang – 26 kms
Yumthang -> Chungthang – 47 kms
Night Stay – (Lachung)
24th Nov (Day 6 – Thursday)
Chungthang to Pelling – 149 kms
Night Stay (Pelling)
25th Nov (Day 7 – Friday)
Pelling to Versey to Okhrey – 83 kms

26th Nov (Day 8 – Saturday)
Okhrey to NJP – 130 kms

Back home with Memories… 
But, be sad n Plan for the next trip… ;)
Full Trip -
Dist Approx 2200 kms

For now, its just me on a Motorcycle and 4 others in a car. I have ridden to places such as Lansdowne (nearest Hill Station from Delhi) and across the Western Ghats (750+ kms in approx 36 hrs) but, this is the first time I will be riding to such altitudes.

All those numerous travel blogs, expert threads from xBhp and other Motorcycle enthusiast forums and some practical experience have taught me a lot. Looking forward to the trip now.

Will blog all trip details, when I come back.

Across Sikkim, Gurudongmar Lake and Old Silk Route Travelogue - 



  1. Would have joined you if I knew about it earlier,

    1. Just came back. Trip was wonderful. I have the next plan already drafted and published.
      Would be happy to ride in a group next time. :)