One Living Life: April 2015

Monday 27 April 2015

Across the Himalayas: Part I

India never ceases to amaze you. With our diverse landscapes, we have it all. Be it a serene beach (Goa/Mandarmani), an amazing Island (A&N/Lakshadweep), a dry desert (Thar) or the highest mountains, we have it all. I have always loved travelling and spicing up an IT guy's life is the most important treat, one which I like to give myself frequently. So, this time I experienced a landscape that comes under the Genre: Travel and Adventure.

The destination initially chosen was: Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

The route actually taken was: Delhi - Shimla (night stay) - Narkanda - Rampur - Rekong Peo(night stay) - Pooh - Khab - Pooh(night stay) - Nako - Jeori (night stay) - Narkanda - Delhi

Dates: 10th April, 2015 (evening) - 15th April, 2015 (early morning)