One Living Life: Kolkata to Leh Ride 2017 Plan

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Kolkata to Leh Ride 2017 Plan

Plan is Finalized and joining the event is Free, of course.

Join the ride here - 
Or, Scan QR Code below to join the ride:

People ask others, "lahaul spiti kiaa... killar kishtwad kiaa... gurudongmar kia... world ride kiaa.... lekin Laadaakkhhhh kia kyaa???"
So, now its time to ride to the Mecca of Indian motorcycle touring enthusiasts!!!

As for me, I am planning to ride from Kolkata (2.5 weeks plan) and join with my friends from Delhi (2 weeks plan from Delhi). But, if you wish, there are easy options to parcel your motorcycle to Delhi and start from there.

Full Plan (Kolkata - Leh - Kolkata)
Main Leg - (Delhi - Leh (via Srinagar) - Manali - Delhi)

Reference -

Things considered before Planning:
1. Ensure a minimum of 2 weeks leave if riding from Delhi (more than that if riding from any other place)

Leg 1 - From Kolkata to Delhi (1504 kms)
(Thoughts - As for me, I will ride this leg for sure, trying to cover as much distance possible on Day 1)
  1. Day A: Leave from Kolkata for Varanasi - 683 kms
  2. Day B: Varanasi to Delhi/Gurgaon - 821 kms
  3. Day C: Delhi - halt, rest, service motorcycle
  4. Day D: Delhi - rest and prepare for next day

Leg 2 - Delhi to Leh
  1. Day 1: Delhi to Jammu - 587 kms
  2. Day 2: Jammu to Srinagar - 293 kms
  3. Day 3: Saturday: Srinagar to Kargil - 202 kms
  4. Day 4: Sunday: Kargil to Leh - 210 kms 
  5. Day 5: Leh - Acclamatize and ILP

Leg 3 - Leh to Nubra and Pangong
  1. Day 6: Leh to Nubra (night halt) - 126 kms
  2. Day 7: Nubra to Leh (night halt) - 126 kms
  3. Day 8: Leh to Pangong Lake (night halt) - 147 kms
  4. Day 9: Pangong Lake to Leh (night halt) - 149 kms

Leg 4 - Leh to Delhi
  1. Day 10: Leh to Tso Moriri (night halt - - 220 kms
  2. Day 11: Tso Moriri to Sarchu(night halt) - 229 kms
  3. Day 12: Sarchu to Manali(night halt) - 222 kms
  4. Day 13: Manali to Delhi(night halt) - 538 kms
  5. Day 14: Delhi (halt) Rest
(was unable to embed multiple destination maps for Kargil, Leh, Sarchu, Tso Moriri because Roads are closed now and Google does'nt show you driving directions. So, change the Depart time from point A to B, if you need to see it in maps)

 Leg 5 - Delhi to Kolkata
(Thoughts - Will keep a railway ticket booked from Delhi-Kolkata and transport motorcycle by train, if needed.)

  1. Day A: Delhi/Gurgaon to Varanasi- 821 kms
  2. Day B: Leave Varanasi to Kolkata- 683 kms

Want to spice up a bit? Visit one off-beat place?
Hanle - The Indian Astronomical Observatory, located at Hanle, India, has one of the world's highest sites for optical, infrared and gamma-ray telescopes. The view of Milky Galaxy at night from Hanle is magical and it is the best place in India to enjoy the same.

Milky Way from Hanle


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    1. Join in if you want to. Here's the link to the event page. Free, of course... :)

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