One Living Life: April 2013

Monday 29 April 2013

Pune - Love, Romance and the City

"Hahaha.... dekh saale wo bande kaise ek pair bahar latkake i-card gaale mein.. tumtum pe jaa rahen hain!!!", a group of guys returning from the Mysore-heavens laughed out. To them, life projected the lush greenery of Mysore and a life of comfort. They were siblings to the harsh IT world. They had forgotten the traffic, dust and sweat for the past 6 months of their life and assumed the next 6 months to be a continuation for the rest.

The fortune is that the group of guys in the story came to a place called PUNE!!! What do you want in it... LOVE!!! ROMANCE!!! VADA PAV!!! MASTI !!! or just a SERENE LIFE....

Getting settled down, and making friends does take some time. As they started their life in Pune, 'paus'(rain) continued to cool them down from 'away-from-home' feelings and 'new-place' tensions. It was great... enjoying the weather and feeling the sunshine.