One Living Life: November 2015

Friday 27 November 2015

Ghaziabad to Lansdowne: Gruelling 36 hours on 2 wheels

This trip was during my stay in Delhi NCR and was the most tiring ride till date. (Yes, by the end of this trip, it turned to be harder than Dajipur) Well, being on 2 wheels is fun excitement and thrill. But, at times poor planning, bad roads, traffic and "Uttar Pradesh" can make your ride dreadful. This travelogue is among my not-so-favorite experiences.

Usually, weekends for a bachelor working in the IT sector means booze, party and movies. I always try to move away from these (but mostly cannot) and make my weekends exciting & thrilling, travelling on 2 wheels or on a tour somewhere. I do not prefer solo-rides and getting a pillion/co-rider was one heck of a trouble during my short stay in NCR. My roomie loved drinking more than travelling and it was hard to get him on the pillion seat. Fellow bikers? There were almost none, who preferred small weekend destinations. There was a good group, the DBBR who rode only to Dhabas on weekends. I came in touch with some but could not plan out a trip with them in time. My fault there. The rest? Most of them showed off their machines or talked about rides to Ladakh. The rest of the world thought I was crazy to ride such long distances on 2 wheels.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Swing with me on a Beach Swing

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Have a Beer, 
Swing with me on a Beach Swing,
Feel the Amej (mood),
& Relive a relaxing moment with Me!!

@ Tajpur Beach, West Bengal