One Living Life: May 2015

Saturday 30 May 2015

Across the Himalayas: Part II

It was an awesome journey till now and we were pretty content with how things went. Little did we know that, more than half of the excitement needed to be in store for the coming days.

Third Day: Puh to Nako to Jeori (Night Stay)
Snow & Trek at Nako Village, landslide on the way back to Shimla
We were quick to rise up and got ready within 8 am. Initially we had planned to visit Nako and head back to Shimla or Rekong Peo. But, the hills had something else planned for us. It was a known route from Pooh to Khab, but instead of the uphill road you need to take for Khab, for Nako, one needs to stay on NH22/NH5. Just a km ahead, you get the Sangam of Spiti and Sutlej Rivers. It was another unique valley spot where the valley just divides into two. The Spiti meets the Sutlej here. The colors of the water are different in the two rivers. While Spiti comes with greenish water, the Sutlej engulfs its color with its brownish tinge.
The different colored Sutlej & Spiti