One Living Life: 2010

Sunday 8 August 2010

A Friend whom I remembered today

“Anirban!!! Who’s that??? Is he in our school???”, I questioned back.

“Yes, he is. Today, we would visit his house.”, my mom said.

With an unknown dullness in my mind, I chose not to respond in any way. Not knowing a schoolmate who had been with me for the past three years was certainly awkward.

“May be in another section. I won’t go.”, to which my Mom faced me with a series of parallel folds on her forehead.

Friday 26 March 2010

Academy of Technology :- An insight into the reality by Neo Jones

all right might have read The Telegraph which ranks Academy of Technology among the TOP 10 engineering colleges in the whole of West Bengal....When a top ranking newspaper says take it to be the ubiquitous truth...dont you?
Yup! Everyone will.
That's the only reason i'm writing let you all know what lies underneath.Whistle blowing...some might say..but i think everyone has the right to know the truth.

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