One Living Life: January 2012

Thursday 5 January 2012


No, it was not a Telephone. Those days telephones were rare, even those round dial ones. That was the round alarm clock ringing on a Sunday, at 7 am. As usual, the little boy was pulled out of the bed and refreshed up within 7:30 am ending with a glass of milk, which he hated the most.

The sole reason behind such a monstrous act of waking up a little one on a Sunday early morning was: Studies!!! Sunday is a day for relaxation and enjoyment for all around the world and the father in our story here, took the bright oppurtunity to turn it into a darker one: Make the little one study!!!

The lessons started with Science and the subject was "Condensation". The kiddo sat beside his father and the page turned. It was a picture of a glass of ice: one normal, and the other one sweating for no reason. A glass of ice sweating??? Questions puzzled the little ones mind. "Ice is cold!!! Its meant to keep things cold!!! I drink cold water and get scolded because its cold!!! Sweat???" Kiddo's mind kept thinking.