One Living Life: September 2016

Friday 30 September 2016

Gearbest Review | Delivery to India | Torn Magazine Inside | Gearbest Refunds

A few months ago, while browsing, I came across this website Gearbest which has a great Electronic gadget collection and delivers to India. They have their warehouses in China, US and EU.

Getting to know Gearbest

I was a bit skeptical to order from this place because in India, it was not well known like Flipkart, Amazon, PayTM or Snapdeal. There were not a lot of reviews on the Internet too that spoke of Gearbest deliveries to India. Indeed, there were a lot of product reviews on their page but shopping online for high priced items, you need to be sure about many things. 

So, I had to take the risk, go ahead and explore this website. More so, when the price listed for a few products were way cheaper than what was listed on Amazon or any other website.

To verify Gearbest's authenticity, product quality and delivery time, I ordered a low priced item from Gearbest. 

Safety is a cheap and effective Insurance Policy - A Reflective Paper

As I drove the rented scooter from the slope towards the narrow bridge, the speed had increased without any acceleration. The next moment, before I could realize anything, I was thrown off mid-air and onto the side of the footpath. I could not see anything with my right eye and was unaware where my pillion rider was!

Thesis: Safety is a cheap and effective Insurance Policy. And, just like a friendship is better realized during your bad times, an Insurance Policy is never missed until you need it.

Friday 16 September 2016

Growing up with Motorcycles

Who doesn't love to travel? Be it backpacking, hiking, a road trip, a drive across a few hundred kilometers or a ride on 2 wheels. When we see the wonderful photos of the scenic places, read the thrilling travelogues, watch the awesome vlogs and try to experience them staring at a screen miles away from the destination, we dream.
We dream to take a journey that inspires yourself from within. We dream to follow the footsteps of that traveler and experience the myriads of nature and life on the way and... at those amazing destinations.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

SJCam SJ4000 WiFi Problem fixed

For all those, who are just thinking of buying a good action or sports camera but are skeptical about a high priced GoPro, SJCam fits into the budget pretty well. Especially, the SJ4000 which has helped out a lot of poor fellows like me. But, then I am pretty sure, many of you have faced problems connecting your SJ4000 over WiFi. There has been a time when you just accepted the fact that the SJ4000 is just an action cam without wifi, although you brought the one with WiFi facility.

The solution is actually pretty simple.

Once you have connected your phone to the SJ Wifi Access Point, turn off your mobile data. 

Tadaaa!! Its that simple.

Reason: The SJCam HD app searches for the camera hardware over the primary data interface. Mobile Data being the primary Internet connectivity source, the app fails to connect to the camera over that channel. So, switching off all data channels except the WiFi makes it work. :)

This SJCam is now available here, for dirt cheap at Banggood. (takes around 30-40 days for delivery since products are shipped to India from China)

UPDATE: Please verify first if your SJCAM 4000 is genuine. You can verify it from here -