One Living Life: May 2016

Monday 9 May 2016

Bluemoon - A Comparison and Contrast Essay

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Being a bachelor is fun and the flavors of being single brings freedom un-paralleled to anything else in this world. It was one fine morning stroll when I decided to get someone else to live with in my small apartment. Perhaps, it could sway me away from my lonely moments. When I saw him, I felt he was so similar to me. Living in a small glass bowl, this someone else happened to be a blueish red fighter fish whose scales shone brightly with the morning sun rays falling on him at an angle. I knew we would be good friends and have a good time together. Fighter fishes love solitude, something which I was bored of at times but sometimes I did love being lonely and peaceful, with no one else to disturb around. So, I brought my friend, Bluemoon to my apartment and placed him at the center of my center-table.