One Living Life: Pune - Love, Romance and the City

Monday 29 April 2013

Pune - Love, Romance and the City

"Hahaha.... dekh saale wo bande kaise ek pair bahar latkake i-card gaale mein.. tumtum pe jaa rahen hain!!!", a group of guys returning from the Mysore-heavens laughed out. To them, life projected the lush greenery of Mysore and a life of comfort. They were siblings to the harsh IT world. They had forgotten the traffic, dust and sweat for the past 6 months of their life and assumed the next 6 months to be a continuation for the rest.

The fortune is that the group of guys in the story came to a place called PUNE!!! What do you want in it... LOVE!!! ROMANCE!!! VADA PAV!!! MASTI !!! or just a SERENE LIFE....

Getting settled down, and making friends does take some time. As they started their life in Pune, 'paus'(rain) continued to cool them down from 'away-from-home' feelings and 'new-place' tensions. It was great... enjoying the weather and feeling the sunshine.

It was the chapter of distant-relationships with their girlfriends. "This is a long distance relationship... Pyaar mein long-distance relationships chalta hi nehi hain..." (Love Aj kal) So, things were trending towards break-up time. And, so be it. When love does'nt patch long-distant relationships, then lets fall in love with the city, its people and make new wonderful friends.

It was career-time and our group of guys in an IT company were learning, rather trying to cope up with fellows around them. Naturally, boredom did become a part of their life. But, when does boredom get a scope to enter when 4 chatting bengalis share a flat??? It was a mixture of rum, vodka, whisky and beer - all heightened bengalis ready to chat and argue over a cup ot tea and 'singara' (samosa) whenever and whatever.

It was a different phase coming in... one fell in love with 'career', one fell in love with 'home', one with a punjabi girl and the last one with Pune, Friends and Marathis. Some things I must mention: I am from Bengal... and my pov is that Marathis and Bengalis have their main things much alike: their quality and bakwaas guppes(chats) and if you try... a bit similarity in their languages... unlike the jilebi styles from southern India.

So, our guy from bengal who fell in love with Pune, its friends and marathis continued to become the last of the founding 4 amongst the guys who first started their venture into Pune.

What's better in life when you continue to get good coffee, cool winds and good friends.

Falling in love with the rain and serene weather was a must in Pune. And, then the marathi girl whose smile just stopped everything around!!! Pune is often chatted among guys as "Kya maal hai bhe pune mein!!!" but our fellow loved simple people... those who laugh their heart out, share their feelings and listen to others. So, be it. Our charecter fell in love with pune and the smile that the girl gave. Simple, pure but breath-stopping. Phewwww!!! it was like the world stopped around and rains of Pune continued to shower their ever-pleasant blessings...

It was love, romance and the city.... Pune!!!

P.S. Never thought that I could ever love my hometown as much as an outer world.... PUNE!!!! Should I settle here!!!
As viewed from my Balcony, Pune

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