One Living Life: Half-way to Nimrana with an asshole

Sunday 21 December 2014

Half-way to Nimrana with an asshole

My baby... 200NS

My running in was almost complete. With 700+ on the Odo, I decided to give my baby a highway jerk to just let it get acquainted with what it would do for the rest of its life. I was there at my friends house on Friday night and we planned to get up early and cover a trip from Delhi to Nimrana Fort and back and if time permitted us we would even visit Jaipur and stay the night there.

Well, the first wrong step taken was a few drinks on Friday night. I woke up at 8:40 am and tried to get this pillion rider out from his winter dreams. Unluckily, he happens to be my college mate and for the past 8 years or so, most of the time we stayed in the same cities. Getting him up at that time seemed impossible and I knew Jaipur was out of scope. We could visit Nimrana, stay at a hotel and come back next day.

Luckily, after much pushes and abuses this asshole woke up at around 11 and after a cup of tea we left by 12:30. Hell yes!!! Its not that cold in Delhi yet. Probably 10-11 C and he was shivering pissing and crying like a baby. And a cup of tea took us 1 Hours 30 Minutes. And, every minute was wasted in a lethargic way before I actually started my bike and went ahead towards our journey at around 1 pm.

It was time for my baby to stretch itself and unleash its power for the first time. I was pretty excited at that and also that it had been a long time since I went on any trip. My thoughts were pointed towards the trip and our dear pillion rider was always fussing about the cold winds, low temparatures and on silly facts like the Helmet was too loose for him!!!

Physically, he is a pretty slim guy, at the most thicker than a thick bamboo. And, the number of clothes he had put on him, made him look like someone from the japanese Sumo wrestling community. He had Kejriwal's muffler, jackets, sweaters, inners and a hell lot of other winter clothes on him. I wonder if people in Leh or places in those minus 30-40 C areas even wear so many layers of clothes. The more funnier part was that, he tried to wear his jacket at last and it would not fit him in anyway. And, now if you are wondering why we took more than 1.5 hours to have a cup of tea, it was because of his winter clothing session.

Anyways, even after that when I was on the highway, he was constantly fussing about how the cold wind was finding a path into his inners and how the wind was even making his eyes watery. YES!! He had a full face helmet with a clean visor.

I stopped at some point around 60 kms on the Delhi Ajmer highway to have some food. Till, then we had all plans fixed that we would visit Nimrana fort and if possible come back or stay over night. The next day was a Sunday afterall. We had some good Mutter Paneer and roti and were pretty full. That's when he started a quarrel with someone over the phone. And boom!! After lunch, he started a whole lot of new logic and reasoning session on why we should not visit Nimrana because of the cold winds, he had to wash clothes back home and so on. I tried reasoning with him but you know when a person brings up useless ideas and puts them over your face. I was just wasting my energy. I stopped the whole session of discussion and turned my bike back to where we came from.

Well, definitely I was pissed and rode hard without stopping. I dropped him at his 'chim-cham' residence and hurried myself back to Ghaziabad.

Definitely, my baby enjoyed stretching itself but at the end of the day, I couldn't reach my destination, and came back home frustrated with the cussing of my pillion rider. Afterall, some people come up with schemes, like our friend below here.
Our infamous Pillion Rider


  1. What a title! When you're here, let's see how your baby does in the DGP express way!