One Living Life: Growing up with Motorcycles

Friday 16 September 2016

Growing up with Motorcycles

Who doesn't love to travel? Be it backpacking, hiking, a road trip, a drive across a few hundred kilometers or a ride on 2 wheels. When we see the wonderful photos of the scenic places, read the thrilling travelogues, watch the awesome vlogs and try to experience them staring at a screen miles away from the destination, we dream.
We dream to take a journey that inspires yourself from within. We dream to follow the footsteps of that traveler and experience the myriads of nature and life on the way and... at those amazing destinations.

But, mostly such dreams become hard to materialize. Specially, when you think of riding cross-country on your motorcycle, the first question that comes to your mind is, "Can I do it?" But, you never know, until you have done it. As for me, I did a few rides across a few hundred kms over the past few years. The voice inside me calls out to take the next step and burn the rubber until the trip-meter reaches 4 digits and beyond.

Sometimes, we need to grow up, trust ourselves, arrange our finances, test our limits and take the leap of faith.

And, now its just a matter of time.

Back in the 80s and 90s, my father owned a Bajaj Super scooter which was a trusted machine in those days. As a kid, while riding on the scooter, my favorite position was standing on the footrest of the scooter. Even when I was tall enough, which made it difficult for my father to see the road in front, I used to be stubborn and bend my knees to stoop down but ride like that on the footrest. The view, the breeze and my hands on the handlebar always felt so nice. Probably, that's how I started getting addicted to this thing that moves your soul.

I still remember the day when I first rode. I was in the 8th standard, a feeble and weak fellow. Mostly, fathers take this responsibility to graduate their kids to a motorcycle and my dad was no exception. The first lesson was to just put up the scooter on the center stand. To me this was a mammoth task. I could roll the vehicle but putting it on the center stand needed much physical strength and technique. And then, it was an evening practice ride just on the 1st gear. Time flies fast and it did not take long to feel the freedom that creeps in when you ride on 2 wheels. A few days later, when I was confident on my first real toy, I did not wait to wander off from the cordoned area within which I was supposed to ride. I did not have a license as I was only 13 or 14 years old. Yes! Cops did grab hold of me once or twice, when I had to cry a lot in front of them, just so that my parents never came to know about my explorations in our small town. And, with time, I was sharp enough to evade them as I knew where and at what time the 'hawaldars' would be waiting. I used to wear my father's helmet and it kept dangling on my small head. Riding around the well planned roads of Durgapur, I came across some stretches void of traffic and I utilized these areas to ride at top speeds. The adrenaline flow had to start somewhere down the line. And, my first long ride was from Durgapur to Bardhaman, probably when I was in the ninth standard. The ninth standard had been a landmark phase in my life. The first ride, first porn, first crush and a couple of other firsts took place when I was in class nine.

Nonetheless, ever since those first scooter rides that got me addicted, I have never failed to admire these majestic machines.Growing up never stops and so would I love to grow up & old with beasts I love.

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