One Living Life: And in we rode into the land of Strawberries!

Sunday 21 June 2015

And in we rode into the land of Strawberries!

Chand! The frail looking guy with a brain like a pentium chip. Period! Back in 2006 I met this guy and a decade later we are plannig for a ride that we ourselves dont know if we can complete! What can we say? Like Ke$ha sings, we are the crazy kids..Talking about rides, this crazy guy reminds me of an equally crazy ride that we had together sometime back in 2012. I was always visitng Pune and made his place a camping site for most of my Pune visits. With the earth's end and doomsday doing the rounds back then, we decided to have a crack at a wild adventure for that would last a mere couple of days. I was in favour of disappearing into thin air but saner thoughts prevailed and we started looking for a place that could be done over in a mere 48 hours since Infosys was known to have a strict reporting decorum :P Nothing else in mind, we decided to carry our friend(s) -the ubiquitous Mota (a character you would love if you have read Chand's other fantabulous blogs) and Mintu (yeah you read it right, its mint with a U not an O :P)

The place was unaniomusly decided to be Mahabaleshwar. All that remained to be sourced were the vehicles to accomodate the 4 of us. Chand wanted all of us to ride the FZ. Maybe he had that steppe-sholay-car in mind but he eventually got a rented Activa for the weekend as a result of thrift shopping.
Armed with a Roaring Yamaha FZ and a squeaking Honda Activa, off we set into the horizon to a vivid Mahabaleshwar awaiting us. Like they say, opposite polarities attract. Maybe Chand had read too much of ferro magnetism to have chosen the squeaking Activa! But wheels are wheels and all that mattered to us was the will, deal and the zeal.

I have always believed that the journey matters more than the actual destination. After the google searches on Chand's AI equipped HTC, I had little to expect from Mahabaleshwar, so I concentrated on the road and the pathway leading to it. And indeed it was a soothing experience for the dead tired eyes. Staying in a haggled city like Mumbai, snaking your way around a mammoth traffic jam everytime, having your eyes fixed on a computer screen for at least one third of the day and then eating only Death by Chocolate at 5 Spice with your date to satisfy her Choco-crush, spending the rest of the time looking at and through stuff that you knew you could never buy, and then spending whatever time was left, staring at the mobile screen waiting for a ping or call/sms (yes, SMS was the IN thing then and ping was at a nascent stage) and finally sleeping for three hours tops, made me appreciate the openness of the roads and pitch black asphalt to a degree that I had never ever done before. Not to mention the company of Chand, mota and Mintu made me feel ecstatic.

We rode on the wheels like we were having a conversation in a cafe. The world was whizzing by and we were just sitting our pretty asses in our seats and talking, laughing and posing for shots(yeah on the run too!). On the highway, in the alleys, near the ATM, over the pavements, stopping a truck, spotting a bird, sharing a buck, stuffing our mouths up and finally filling our tanks up - all these were like reflex action for the quartet.

Early Saturday morning

Dont remember the last time i woke up at 0500 on a Saturday. I almost yelled at the top of my voice to let me sleep but the sweet whisper of Mahabaleshwar made me jump up from the bed. Finally it was time to put the wheels to good use. Burning some rubber would always heal the soul or whatever was left of it, in this plagiarized world that, we all had stepped into. The initial hullabaloo of who's going to enter the bathroom first began inadvertently and as usual that delayed the ceremonial proceedings. Mota was always the last to visit the loo and always came out never looking any different. No breakfast aside, I really enjoyed the morning chill in the air and off we set from Bora homes(or caves) into the wilderness.

A little cutting chai and sutta before setting out for the journey!

We took the road that heaved us into the expressway after waiting up for mota to arrive. Even when mota came on the road he always seemed to leave behind something important and had to rush at the last moment to get it! Chand cited that a heavy object such as mota should be laden on the roaring wheels while the lighter aspect would be a boon for the almost inactive activa. I instantaneously agreed and we hit the asphalt. Pitch black that it was, it felt like I was looking forward to the 250 kms that lay ahead. With mota riding pillion I could not take the usual cuts and attack the corners, but a fluffy backrest was always welcome on the long ride. I have always enjoyed backrests such as the ones...Ahem!

We hit the National highway and rode along for many a kilometres before we even got the feel of a ride.
Mota astride the pillion seat!Glee for him and me but tough times for FZ :P

On the way! The dilapidated signboards give you a feeling of being deserted!

The terrain got rougher and Chand kept becoming more of a photographer!

The weather had just the perfect chill in the air and the bikes just rolled smooth. The conversations erupted amidst the random zip zap zooms. The ride was just beginning. And like every good things, we all started at the bottom. Without any breakfast, it was the tummy growl that caught Chand's ears amongst the growl of the engines that we were riding on and the ones zooming past us. So he decided to stop at the first sight of an eatery or something that looked like one. The ubiquitous vada pao and misal  pao fare later we decided to pose for some shots to show the chicks back home about our adventurous activities. We hoped that the next time we could actually make them move alongside us. Literally! Aint it right Chand? Lol.
The 'Putki' story-teller a.k.a. Mintu posing for the ladies back in Pune

The mastermind behind the ride...posing behind his ride!
As we satisfied our growling tummies with vada pao after vada paos Chand started washing it all down with glass after glass of Sugarcane juice from an amrit bhandar. We too joined him and after we were doubly satisfied that our stomach growl and engines were all cool, we set out, once again having set the horizon on our sights. The terrain became uphill and most of the times the roads were filled with trucks that had strayed because of the load. We would be covered in black fumes that the BS I engines were spewing. Sprays of dirt and loose gravels gave up under their load and decided to settle on us. Mota was constantly complaining of the alien particles getting in his eyes and rather tiny mouth. He was spared a helmet while I was wearing one. Anyway his words hardly reached my ears since the ambient noise was way too high and the helmet acted as an active noise cacellation headgear :P One of the most liked fact of driving in erstwhile maharashtra actually proved a curse for mota. So you should always wear a helmet even if the law does not compel you to. A lesson well learnt the hard way for mota.:P

A bliss of driving in the western ghats is that its a biological hot spot and has lots of passes. Though not grandiose or magnanimous in the dimensions, these passes make the experience culminate into heavenly bliss of high speed alternating with dark tunnels. One can feel like they are in  the LHC and that he were a proton excited to the point of an asymptotic burst out to release the accumulated energy. Here' a feel for you to lo and behold!

A scene from a racing game? No, its only an hour from Pune!

One of the many tunnels that connect Pune to the rest of Maharshtra..

Entering the tunnels from bright sunhine outside was no panic, infact it was a boon, so we thought. The panic part comes later - when your rod cells take time to adjust to the darkness inside and you have some vapour lamps to illuminate the path that you tread. Its even tougher when you enter at 100 kmph or above and suddenly spot tail lamps right ahead of you. You cant change lanes because the ones behind maybe 120 kmph+ and wont even move their feet off the accelerator.

A few tunnels later, your rod cells get adjusted. That's when you marvel at the Almighty's amazing creation - humans! Wonder what went into making this recipe by God.

Sometimes we tailed huge lorries and took treacherous turns like the lorry was our wingman. Chand travelled in a line with mintu as his pillion while I followed him. It was a mutually agreed thing since we all agreed that if the Fz was ahead, the activa would be left in a storm of dust. We rode on like this for many a kilometres when the twists got intense. We realised that we should take a small break. More than rest to the legs and back, it was chand and Bapi's time for a smoke break. Chand forgot to pack sandwiches and even a basic necessity like water but he had remembered to pack in a pack of cigarettes along with a box of matches in the morning before we set out...Amazing! His justification was that the nicotine served as a virtual 5litre water bottle along with chicken curry and rice. Anytime!

Mota's first smoke....Its always his first smoke... :)
No food around I decided to get the camera satisfy my soul's lust for pleasure. It was a beautiful view of the civilization down below with a few assholes above it.

And everyone posed with the yamaha too... :p

It was bright and sunny and the nip in the air was beginning to intensify. But like they say - "Man proposes and God disposes". This turn later, all rejuvenated, Chand started revving up the activa like a Boeing. Lo and behold! the more he revved it, the less noise it made and eventually died. Mota had been switched over to the activa as he was in need of some real ass-estate :P Bundled with the weight the activa started retracing the steps at a tremendous speed. Me and Mintu stopped and took the activa to a spot away from the road.
We were initially of the idea that the Activa would start up on a few more jerks but to our horror it didnt. Everybody cranked it up, kicked its ass off but the engine simply refused to hum.

We decided to give it a bit more of the rest. Inanimate things cant speak but they should be dealt with humanely too. Chand and mota agreed and we just let loose. A quarter of an hour later, one kick and the activa engine whirred up. Chand decided thatMota was to shift to the fz which he hesitantly complied to since it was too small to park his huge ass there. Anyway, we rode on for another hour until we reached a Mc Donald's nearby to a turn to Wai.
"Look! A McD" mota cried out from behind me.
And we had to look. We parked our bikes infront...a bliss to park free while in Mumbai you either have to pay even for a minute or risk your bike being towed away by the warmonger police squad. Either way you pay to the scoundrels.
Mota hurriedly went inside and ordered his mouthful of transfat items. We too ordered our stuff. The bread was fresh so we had a hot topic of discussion amongst ourselves
"How does the bread reach this remote a place so fresh?" Mintu began.
"Maybe they bake it here itself" Chand blurted, his mouth still full of patty and bun.
"Maybe the trucks carry loads of bun here once or twice a week and they preserve it well" was my mere response.
All points and angles covered, mota decided to stay mum.
Either his mouth was full or he had a sudden pressure developing waiting to be released.
And off he went to the washroom. Sometimes, western influence can do wonders to you! :P

We started again and this time too the activa gave us problems. Chand was already cursing his decision to hire the "piece of shit" for this trip. Surprise, surprise and more surprise....the activa did not start up and we gave up after a 30 minute try with each of us taking turns. Mota grabbed some more of transfat to compensate for the kicks that he had to take.
This is where the ever cool Chand showed signs of panic.
He started to think of cancelling the road ahead and head back to Pune.
Asked how he would do that, he scratched his head, pondered like the great Einstein and came up with
"We will call a tow service"
Now I had to talk sense into him so I made him understand that a rented vehicle is to be returned in the same condition it was rented on .So even if he got back to Pune on the tow truck, he would still have to spend dimes on repairing it.
 "So if you do have to repair it, why not do it here and enjoy the trip as well?" Mintu said with a glee and sparkle in his eyes.
Mota too approved with a nodding gesture. And Chand could see sense in these sentences

With two sets of wheels reduced to one, I was told to look for a mechanic nearby and that was the beginning of the troubles that were hidden inside the seemingly easy solution of getting the activa fixed for the rest of the tour.

 An alley here and annother alley there and yet another here....time passed by, searching for a mechanic. Nobody in the area could even touch a honda vehicle. I was redirected from shop to shop and then finally a miracle happened and a guy from Satara had a small service centre and was 'authorized' to actually dissassemble Honda vehicles. I booked that guy and a quick fetch for Chand and the team and the activa was really disassembled :
The Activa looking fully inactive
The mechanic opened up the activa starting with the wheels. The motionless vehicle lay in such a pityful posture that I had to walk out of the garage to get myself soothened out. It was like the activa was being butchered and was meant to be served in a religious festival dining gala.

I left the shop and proceeded to a nearby hotel to have some food.. Oh it was quite a long time since I had had a morsel or a crumb and even the vilest food would satiate my hunger pangs. So I went in to this puny stall nearby and I was handed the ubiquitous vada paav with a fried salted chilli to accompany it. I devoured it like I had never had any food in the world. After a couple more I was done and the taste lingered. The marathis really do not know the use of any other spices barring red chilli powder. With my mouth set on fire I quickly switched stalls to get myself a glass of sugarcane juice. Yeah! cools you down like a freezing coolant to a 5000 cc V12 8 cylinder. One more glass later I packed in some of that nasty stuff (didnt want to but had no other choice)for the other fellows that were sweating it out along with the mechanic inside that robust garage. Or so I thought.

When I paid off the shop keeper, he was asking for some change which he did not have. It was a small amount of 4 INR and I prompted him that it was ok even if he did not pay me and carried on. I was the recipient of strange looks right from when I had walked into the shop and this time the others also kept looking. It was like I was a don or some kind of alien that they were either afraid of or wanted to behead. Anyway, the guy was haggling for the change so I had to get a pack of tiger biscuits to settle the score.

Armed with the choicest of stuff in I walked to the garage. Little did I know that the people whom I bought it for were off on my set of wheels. I guess Chand was of the idea that the trip had ended for him and there was no other option than going back all the way. So he decided to make the most of the ending hours according to him. He had taken mota along to be a witness of what he thought was Mahabaleshwar. I had no idea of this until we got the pics loaded to the computer. Hangover-style dhokha. These were the poses that they had managed to get while Shuvam and me were the ones actually sweating it out in the garage :

Posing with the yam on the table top while I was all yawns in the garage
 They returned an hour later all smiling and since I had no idea where they had been I simply believed it when they said that they were looking around enquiring how far the destination was. Hungry as they were they found another hotel after visitng the mechanic. This time it was a proper one with bhakris and even chinese fare. While we waited for the food to arrive, we witnessed some shooting stuff going on. A fancy bearded guy making a little girl (who should have been in school at that time) dance on a rope on one foot with some utensils on her head. maybe he was trying to showcase the amazing talent pool of India and her interiors but I found this to be really dangerous and unwelcoming. However I did not have the ability to stop them then and I was too tired to even talk. So I clicked some stunts that the kid was doing risking her life. God save her from doing them again. It was almost like the humans make a monkey dance to their liking. Maybe I wasn't awakened enough then to protest which I would have done now.

Pondering over what is to become of her life? She's still too young to do so

Dangerous feat! She should have been in school having her mid-day meal on a Saturday noon
All the style stolen from the kid's deserved money. Notice the sharp contrast!

Not aware of the cruel world around me I stuffed some food and my mind began to concentrate on the 'Whats' now. The first What - "What if the mechanic cannot repair the scooty?" I asked
Everyone looked bewildered and glanced at me with awe and amazement.
They had never thought of it.
While Chand and Mota had known that it was the end of the trip and gone on to see the table top, they had never wondered if the activa would actually be revived again. We wrapped up the mini feast and rushed to the mechanic. It had already been a good four hours since he had disassembled the vehicle.

To our horror this was what we saw :

These scenes still stick to me and are some of the many horrendous flashbacks when I go to sleep. I am quite sure that its the same for Chand and the others too. Frankly speaking I never thought the Activa would walk the streets again...ever!
The tow was nearing and the sun was almost rising in the other hemisphere. Pressed for time, we were about to ask the mechanic if he would be able to repair it today. What lay in store for us was amazing! The mechanic and his help had wandered off somewhere. With none able to help us trace them out we ran helter-skelter seeking help when another man came in and informed us that he would be back after the namaaz recitals. He also added that he usually shuts shop by 6 pm since he goes back to his home in satara which was 50 kms away. This is when I decided that we had to stay the night at the place called Wai. I wondered if there would be any hotels nearby. In the worst case we could ask for some homestay. The concept would be hitherto unknown here but I figured out that money would settle the score as paying guests for a day. If all else failed, we could sleep on the bikes in shifts. But even for that, the activa would need to be road-worthy. :P
So I went on to search for hotels, with or without a bathroom or even a roof! To my utter amazement, there were hotels around. In Maharashtra any place other than Mumbai needs you to have a certain proficiency of speaking the local tongue marathi. Rude as it may sound, it does get the job done! You speak hindi especially in a northern tone, and you are butt-fucked! So I enquired in my newly acquired marathi skillset tone and someone guided me to a hotel nearby. It looked good, from the outside, given the expectations I had. I walked in and enquired for a room. The rates were 2500+vat...Imagine that in a village which I never knew the name of prior to today. Okay I might have heard it from Chand while he was looking up the route in his AI equipped HTC. But thats it. I asked why the rates were so high to which the guy retorted :

"Shooting chal raha hai...abhi aisaich rate milega...tereko lena hai kya?"
Taken aback by the rudeness I thought of teaching him a lesson or two but a timid me asked him gently if he would accomodate the 4 of us. He refused instantaneously. I asked if another room could be hired. In the background 2500*2=5000 popped up in my head. But I left the rest for the rest. The guy looked up and said that he could only provide one room at 2500 and accomodate 3 at most. I politely asked him

"What about the 4th friend?"
"Apun ko kya pata...tu tera dekh...ek ich room milega"

That was it. I decided to search for another place before I erupted. A few enquiries later, I found another one at 800 INR a room but even that guy said it was full and could manage only one room accomodating three. He cited the same reason of shooting in progress. I was amazed and quite enthusiastically asked him if the actors stayed in such a small hotel. He laughed and replied that the actors have make up vans with boys who serve them water and helping hands along with drivers. Where would they stay?..certainly not in the same class of hotel as the actors, producers and directors... Amazing humans...They even create castes in this modern a society based even on the same occupations! No matter how much we progress, we still are trapped in a cage of our own!

In India there's nothing that money cant buy. And this guy was good (generally MH people are very good barring the above asshole) and understood the problem of the fourth friend which I had tried to make the other guy undnerstand.
"Asa kasa bahar rahega tera dost..usko bhi daal denge....manager ko dikhna nai chaiye bass"
And he demanded a mere 100 INR more for that deal.
"Godfather!" I thought to myself.

I booked the hotel and rushed to the mechanic's garage in glee.The honda was still summing itself up. It would take two more hours for it to be up and running according to the mechanic. He was so gentle that he asked us to stay the night at some place he would find for us and assured us that we could continue on our ride tomorrow. He just needed to observe it the next morning. He kept his garage open till 8:30 pm, went home late and opened early the next morning only for us. Crazy ass people come in tiny sizes. This one was one such person! While I was at my tensed nerve ends searching for a place to park our asses for the night, the rest of the pack were parking their pretty asses like this :

After the activa actually stood up at 8 pm, I woke up to the sound of the engine. We clapped and hugged the mechanic and his assistant. And then the feared amount was qouuted. It was a mere 4k. The price of the piston and crankshaft alone was 3k and he charged us 900 INR for all the pain he took. So kind! Chand, however was cursing(understandably) for the immense loss he had to endure. We paid him off and rode the activa for the first time in 10 hours. It rode like a new one.

Now the mechanic was a real Jason Statham. He told us the reason for such a catastrophic failure was that the scooty was revved too high without being topped up with adequate engine oil. A fault of both Chand and the renting guy. Anyway we decided to call it a day and I went in to have a shower in the place of pride in Wai. When I came out, none of the guys were there. I slept and when I woke up, they were sitting with plastic cups and bottles of booze with the room filled up of cigarette smoke. Horror for me and ppleasure for them. No food, no water, but alcohol and cigarettes were always their prime concern. Whew! They drank themselves to sleep with something reminiscing the entire incident and pondering over more "Whats" which consequently turned into "Ifs".

The next morning we woke up and found the activa already leaking some engine oil. We rushed to the mechanic's garage and he assured us that it was okay and would give us no more problems. He urged that we go about our trip and was thrilled that we came so far on that shitty vehicle! He assured us that the vehicle would now last many such trips and saluted our spirits which were pretty dim then!
Calling all engineers!

Chand was hesitant but we rode along at 40...But how long can the throttle master hold the throttle back? A good 30 minutes later, it increased to 60 and then finally 80 :P The activa performed well...keeping pace with the Fz..Thus started our real trip... We reached the table top and finally I got to pose as well :

We rode all the way upto the unknown streets of mahabaleshwar(old) and there we even encountered a 70 degree inclined road. Both the vehicles made it without breaking a sweat.
Mota Me n Fz made it up the incline..amazing activa riding ahead of us

And then there were some points where we actually had to let go  of the bikes and rely on our blessed feet :

Tired souls..indominatable spirits!
 And then we also happened to get lost and had a tough time figuring out the place where we parked our bikes...There was no one around and that added to our woes..
Maybe Keats would have liked this place for more of his poems!
The woods are really lovely dark and deep...unless you get lost and then its just *bleep*bleep*& bleep*

Beautiful mahabaleshwar

When you do get lost in the woods...the mountains give you the show..making you forget it all..
Mortal souls got tired of the mountains and we all wanted to visit the mapro garden and taste some strawberries. So off we went towards new Mahabaleshwar asking people and stopping for savouries in between.. We skipped the Shiva temples since religion is not something we believe in. I paid a secret visit ot the Lord Shiva though, for a minute, lest he get angry and unleash his fury on us again!

We kept heading as guided by anyone whom we spotted and it is this phase that made me really explore the capacity of Fz. With mota laden on the monoshocks I pulled off a solid 126kmph speedo figure on the twisties. It is while driving on these twisties that we saw a blue BMW z6 that we all admired. We had seen it only on the websites and the closest we had got to it was in a racing game series where we would all fight to have it in a race and eventually all woul end up choosing it. More than the car, Chand and Mota admired the chick inside. When you have a z6 tdi, you can get whichever and as many chicks as you want. Only the car's seating capacity is a limiter! No bootspace too else one could have stuffed in more for a ride!

"A topless car, a topless chick and a rooftop house, thats all you ever need to enjoy life" I mumbled.
"Make that a dont wanna get wet in  the rains... before you get laid..." Chand whispered

With that awestruck eyes rolling on the BMW we took a leak break and then finally reached Mapro garden.
It brought back the child in us. We saw the chocolate factory, had thick strawberry whipped cream shakes and just soaked in the beauty of the place. Of course mintu and mota orered their food and ogled at the lovely ladies. A chick a day is what kept the doctor away for them.

Some views for you to enjoy:

Strawberries were super cheap and we headed to the gardens to collect the stuff that awaited the chicks back in Mumbai and Pune. This is the first time I saw strawberry plantations.

rows and rows of strawberry twigs
a closer look. How the fruit's weight pulls down the tree...No wonder the ladies love it... :P
Packing kilos of strawberry for my journey back to Mumbai, I had a hard time figuring out how to carry the stuff! That's when Chand's Activa actually came to the rescue. It had a treasure trove below the seat. Stored 5 kilos of the precious item. :P I would buy  a backpack later in Pune if I had to but now it was going into that!

We then explored more around the place...Every road was a scenic splendour in itself...

We wanted to take our bikes down to that gravelled pathway below...looked like a runway..

And then some other place...there are no names since we roamed around aimlessly and limitlessly

I named this place Death valley

because he's happy you have to take a shot!

Posing couple

Finally a wry smile after all the cacophony!

Some more shots later we decided to head back so that we could be in town by sunset...
We spotted some wild life on the way too...

We are living examples of this one....With nothing to do..we resemble them in all aspects
Grace redefined....It was actually shy of the camera and had its head down! maybe the selfie posing girls could learn a thing(or two)

While descending...we never had our engines on for a good 15 kms...saved fuel...and yet the speed wa 70 kmph on neutral...magnetic hill of ladakh would have been ashamed! We stopped to have one last look at the hills and Panchghani table top...

Sidelined on the way down... a financial ministry's head

Back when selfies weren't a art unknown....not being selfish in a selfie...actually captured 3 souls

The asphalt called for the rev limiter to be hit faster

An amusement park that we planned to go into

Last look at the amusement park...nothing like mother nature...

And finally we got the best views by leaving our bikes and climbing a half-finished multi storey building...There was nothing but stairs...rows and rows of it...But we made it to the top with Mota hesitating at first but complying...These are the views...and no...they are not panorama shots! That is something that the climbers experienced... This is the best that you get to see minus all the trouble that we took :

Look at mota's face...the looks say it all...Laal saari poriya konna spruced him up...:P
On the ledge!

A far off shot..why do people go close up?
Chand taking the shot

Chand getting shot!

Enough of shots..Sunset was long past..and the sheer thought of heading back to Mumbai by next morning made me think about retiring here for eternity...Saner thoughts prevailed...yet again!.We decided to pack up our phones and save some battery and off we rode back to our daily routine...

One last time...I need to be the one that takes you HOME!

 The beeping punch cards,the monochrome discoloured rfid holders, the boring formals, the chirpy but blank-faced assheads in the odc, the asshole managers, the mardy traffic, the haggling Mumbaiya city life, snaking your way around a mammoth traffic jam everytime, having your eyes fixed on a computer screen for at least one third of the day and then eating only Death by Chocolate at 5 Spice with your date to satisfy her Choco-crush, spending the rest of the time looking at and through stuff that you knew you could never buy, and then spending whatever time was left, staring at the mobile screen , the super selfish selfie posing corporate chicks et al.... welcomed me back with open arms. It was more like a python waiting to crush me before it devoured me. But it was my lair and I would have to find a way out while still blending in..That I said to myself before my PL came asking me why I was an hour late.

"It was the jam at ghatkopar agar, you asshole" almost came out of my mouth. But I checked it at the very last moment. How would I ever reach Ghatkopar? I had to take the jogeshwari vikhroli link road to Powai everyday...And there would be more "whats' which I wouldn't want to answer. So I just smiled and said that I got a flat tyre.. Sorry for letting you down Fz. You never did that to me. The Pl leaves satisfied, while I carry on working my way upto satisfaction ..reminiscing the last 48 hours that only 4 of us shared....I remembered all the moments, when I tried to get up and my back gave up on me, my legs with the synovial fluid frozen, crackling up at the slightest movement of them and my hands still vibrating from the triple digit shakedowns on the highway. There lies my satisfaction and that is where I belong. So I get  up, go to the parking lot, admire the beauty of the curves of the oh-so-affordable Fz and thank the Almighty for having given me (not so-called but real) friends who are crazier than the ride I just had....Not a fucked up trip in anyway eh, Chand?

I reached office directly from Pune so my room mates(so-called friends) looked worried and told me that they had been looking for me for 3 days and almost were about to go to the police station. In fact all they did was to trouble my lady friend...whom they took as my girlfriend...asking about my whereabouts to satisfy their inquisitveness.I despised her and the roomies....Till date I like to stay off the grid and disappear at my will. I have no remorse about that. That is how I am...that is where I find my bliss...Sometimes I do go back to the real friends but they have their lives...and I might just get accomodated sometimes.n I respect it..Doesn't matter...They are the ones I love...and will continue to do so...for the rest of my mortal life and even beyond.

This blog that I have written here is a manifestation of Chand's efforts to grant me a guest access. I would like to extend my gratitude to him (but no thanks to friends) and to anyone who reads through the pages of shit that only the four of us would probably understand. Thank you for  your time though! Grab a pack of peanuts and stuff yourself with transfat...either that or get out on a road trip with amigos as crazy as the characters depicted here...That is all you are going to do after reading through this stuff!

Cheerio ...Live life like you are "One Living Life"


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  2. yeah man! those crazy times ...lost in oblivion...