One Living Life: The Chronicles of CoC: Chapter I - I was born

Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Chronicles of CoC: Chapter I - I was born

I was born LOST. When I first came on these lands, I did not know who or how I was created. I opened my eyes to pure blue skies and lay surrounded by picturesque deciduous trees. Long brown barks seemed to reach the skies, while light & deep green leaves hindered them from touching the blue canopy.

I felt dizzy in the beginning but managed to shake it off. Standing up clueless, I started wandering around the jungle. It was the same all around. The first few days were pretty pleasant. I admired the tress and the bushes that came in different sizes, loved to watch the blue canopy above me. For the first few days, I kept walking in the forest but did not see anything different. I wished something could happen out of the blue and green monotony that surrounded me. It was something else that happened instead within me. My stomach started craving for something. By then, hunger and thirst had started to bother me pretty badly.

I tried to chew on the bark but it was inedible. I tried the leaves from the low lying bushes and I puked. My condition was so rapidly deteriorating that I even tried the brown mud beneath my feet and I coughed badly, only to puke again and become worse. In search of something to keep me going I fell unconscious numerous times waking up again to try the same leaves, grass, bark and mud. It was sometime when I gained consciousness and I noticed some pink liquid collected amidst folded leaves on the low lying bushes. Some of the same stuff was there at the root of trees and sometimes even on the low-lying grounds. It was too scarce and hard to come by. But, soon enough after consuming a leaf-fold full of that stuff, I learnt that I could keep myself alive from that pink liquid. Soon, it stood to be a form of life to me. But, this pink stuff was rare. Tired and hungry I almost felt like I could drop dead any moment. The wonderful surroundings amidst the trees and sky now started becoming hazy at times. It seemed that the sky was gradually growing darker. I had never seen such a thing  happen before. The daylight was always consistent and the blue sky glowed in a similar hue at all times. Maybe, I was seeing things as I was extremely tired. I do not know when I fell unconscious.

Pretty soon, I was waken up by thunderous noises and clamors. It sounded like screams, metals clashing and hands scratching wildly. I opened my eyes to see flakes of fire falling from the skies above. The blue skies had turned black and it was raining acid. My skin burnt and I tried to save myself from the once so pleasant blue canopy. Laying unconscious for hours had given me some rest and strength. I was curious and started moving towards the sounds. I hid behind the bushes and what I saw ahead was just a pin hole view of my life ahead.

It was some kind of settlement, rather a clearing amidst the magical forest, surrounded by the trees on 3 sides and water on the other. A few wooden huts and structures rose a few feet above the ground amidst the settlement.  Some green creatures appearing from the edge of the forest started raiding and destroying shelters & structures. Sometimes, they appeared from behind the bushes and thin air, dived into huge wooden structures with empty brown bags and left them filled with round shiny things. There were a few small black pipe like structures that shot black balls which hit the green creatures and slowed their advance. On one end of the settlement, the pinkish liquid was also being sucked by these green creatures. The raised wooden structures were occupied by sweet little creatures who shot wooden sticks at the green ones and killed them with every shot. It was a frightening scene. I remained hidden behind the bushes and kept watching the fight. Of course, I had a lot of questions going around in my mind. Who were these green creatures? Why were they attacking? What were those pipes shooting balls and most importantly, how could those sweet blondes with long hair be so sharp shooters? The fight stopped after a short time and the settlement was left in bits. Almost everything was destroyed or looted.

As for me, I did not like the green creatures at all. They had long nails which were so sharp that they could scratch through wooden walls and fences. I only felt, the sweet girls shooting with wooden sticks as approachable. As the green creatures fled back into the bushes at the end of the settlement, they had spilled a lot of the pink liquid on their way and amidst the forest on that end. I knew that if I was alive, that was because of that pink liquid that gave me some strength whenever I had it. Stealthily, I treaded amidst the bushes taking care not to be seen. I wanted to reach the other end and get some spilled liquid to survive. There was a lot of spilling and waste and the porous earth beneath was rapidly sucking the precious stuff in. I collected some of the spilled liquid on folded leaves and I knew that was enough to last me for a few more days.

For the first time, after this day, I knew that I was not alone in this world. There were others like and not-like me. I had wandered aimlessly for countless days amidst the forest and seeing some company I did not want to leave the forest along the boundaries of the settlement. Neither, did I want to tread amidst others into the settlement as I was skeptic about that. For the next few days I kept observing some interesting things these creatures did amidst the settlement. They had a lot of things to do and there was much to see and learn. A whole new world had just opened before me.

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