One Living Life: What's bad about the Nexus 6P?

Thursday 10 December 2015

What's bad about the Nexus 6P?

The Nexus 6P is undoubtedly the best Android phone yet. But, even the best leaves you wanting for more. So, what are the Nexus 6P cons. I am a geeky user and use stuffs more technically and exploit their features. The following are the list of what a Nexus 6P cannot do. If there is a known workaround, I will put it there as well.
Its been just a few days, I have owned it and I will add more info good/bad to the list.

Nexus 6P Cons:

1. HDMI Function: 

  • No Workaround
  • Hardware Limitation
  • Don't be fooled by the USB Type-C to HDMI cable

You cannot connect your Nexus 6P to HDMI directly for playing on your TV or other device. Of course, Google sells the USB Type-C to HDMI converter but that's for the Pixel, not for Nexus 6P. The USB Type-C hardware on Nexus 6P does not support HDMI. Its is a hardware limitation, not a software one. So, there is no workaround.

2. Miracast: 

I mean com'on!! Such a basic feature wiped out!! Even my Nexus 4 worked seamlessly with Miracast. X-(
  • Workaround NOT available (Even rooting and modifying build.prop does'nt help)
  • Compatible with Chromecast only
[Update 06/01/2016]: Use Samsung Smartview for Pictures, Videos and Music if you have a Samsung Smart TV. It helps have a partial screencast access.

3. Fingerprint App Unlock

  • Temporary Con - Developers will definitely come out with some apps to fill the gap
The fingerprint is a really fast and cool feature on this device. Unlocking your private apps with this feature would definitely be one of the most needed features. 
Its been more than just 2 months that the device has been launched. Currently, there are no Apps to support app unlock via fingerprint on the Nexus 6P or 5X. I went through all the forums and tried all possible apps to give you the outcome on this.[Dated: 10th Dec, 2015] You have nothing to do about this, but wait!

UPDATE [16/05/2016] - Try FingerPrint App Lock. A complete solution to the above.

A cool Utility for the 6P

While browsing for accessories, I also came across a pretty cool and useful stuff for the Nexus 6P or actually for any big device.
The ring seems to be a pretty cool way to handle a big screen device. Also, the black dock can hold your phone easily when placed in your car. 
The only downside is that just that metal ring costs Rs. 1699. Extremely highly priced. However, if you have the money, buy it from here:
Here is my shorlisted list of Cases among which I might get one or two for my Nexus - 
A word of caution - Many Nexus 6P Cases do not have the cutout for the laser focus. So, check that before you buy it. Of course, my wishlist is verified.

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