One Living Life: And, I'm still standing there...

Wednesday 31 August 2016

And, I'm still standing there...

The sun is just about to set and the fiery glow reflects on the river, seemingly giving an infinite ray of hope. Your eyes start dreaming, as if they want to freeze the moment. Deep inside, you know that you have started falling for her. You just want to be beside her forever. But then, a little bit of chaos drifts you from your dreams and your mind shakes you up. You wake up to realize, that the time spent has been too short. How could you fall for her in such a short time? Time doesn't stop and while your mind nudges your heartfelt moments, the sun gradually moves towards the horizon. Its hue gets more charming and deeper. The blue and red clouds adore the monsoon skies clearly, while the river paints a trembling reflection of the same: a stark resemblance of the clear mind and the faintly painted heart that desires to preserve every bit of her memory. You know that just after sometime, nothing of this would be there and its the sadness that creeps within you.

Time just flies by as the light gradually diminishes. Oh!! You wish you would have at least bid a proper goodbye. But before you realize, the darkness around is the only reminiscent of such a wonderful evening. You wanted to freeze the moment but instead, you are left as cold as ice. The good part is that it helps you hide your sad face, while your soulless body carries you out into the real world. It is this real world where you put on your smiling mask, not letting anyone realize anything!!! The dreamy moments that took you on a ride was over. She has gone.

And now, you have to leave the place beside her.

I left the bench by the side of the river long ago. I tried to carry myself out from those dreams and will let the days, weeks and months pass by.

But, when I close my eyes, I see you, the silver lined clouds, the reddish hue, the setting sun and its reflection. And, I know, I am still standing there...

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