One Living Life: Pulsar 200 NS Modifications

Friday 18 August 2017

Pulsar 200 NS Modifications

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Ok, so I had a couple of mods in my mind before the Sikkim trip and numero Uno on my list was a pair of Fog lights. This one is pretty common and you would find it at almost any 2 Wheeler accessory store across the country. Here in Kolkata, I got it around 1100 from B.P. Roadies, at APC Road, Near Khanna Cinema, a few hundred meters away from Shyambazar 5 point crossing. I have mentioned the GPS location in description. You can also call the following number on screen to inquire about its availability. ( ) The installation was done by a mechanic just in front of B.P. Roadies and these lights are pretty bright and do their job well.
The same pair of lights can be brought from Amazon and installed by your local mechanic. Link given in description below -

The second thing was a top box for my Pulsar 200 NS. You can install it on any motorcycle you wish. And trust me. This is a great great utility on long rides.
 By the way, I did not modify or tamper any existing component of my motorcycle. Neither did I weld anything to any part. Each of them has a bolt or clamp functionality and can be removed whenever I wish.

I brought the box for 1150 from Shree Ganesh Auto. (
The same box is also available @ Balaji Auto. GPS locations for the stores are given in the description. (

The top box needed a custom made carrier which was done by Champion, located @ Wellington, Kolkata, which is again 2 stores away from Shree Ganesh Auto. GPS Location is given in description below. You can also call Champion on the phone number given on screen. 9830223865

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