One Living Life: Musharu - Choto poshla, Boro poshla and Polshoria

Saturday 14 October 2017

Musharu - Choto poshla, Boro poshla and Polshoria

Motorcycles we rode that day
Musharu along with three other villages - Choto poshla, Boro poshla and Polshoria in Bardhaman District, West Bengal is an unknown place with very few visitors is also known as Snake Village. Musharu is approximately 140 kilometers from Santragachi, Howrah. A must visit destination if you are an adventure seeker and love to explore new places.

So we planned a Sunday ride at musharu on 26th February with OneLivingLife and a bikers club in Kolkata named as United Riding Brothers, Met with all fellow riders (5 in total) at Santragachi bus terminus and started our journey at 6.30am, took a break at Shaktigarh and had breakfast there and reached the destination in approximately 3 hour. Little late because the guy who guided us in Musharu had his bike's tire punctured near Musharu so we had to wait until it was repaired. After reaching Musharu we parked our bikes and got split in two teams in search of Jhaenglai (Snake).
Temple in Musharu

Villagers call Snakes as Jhaenglai and worship them. Snakes and humans have learnt to coexist here peacefully. Cobras can be seen here anywhere. Snakes and people here lived togather for hundreds of years. They are worshiped as incarnation of goddess Jhankeshwari.

Goddess Jhankeshwari Idol
The only Snake aka. Jhaenglai went out to meet us.
Nayan Chakraborty, Preist of the temple and only member of Brahmin family in Musharu only has right to touch a snake if situation arises. Other villagers will never touch a Jhaenglai because they believe only Brahmins, that too member of a single family have right to touch a Jhaenglai.

We have talked with some local villagers, and yes, there are some incidents of snake-bites. But still they actually doesn’t even bother if a Jhaenglai enters their hut. They also said that Snakes are mating with snakes out of the village and few number of the snakes have become poisonous. Though if a Snake-bites them they prefer to be treated at the temple, 'victims are taken for a bath in a Holy Pond destined at the middle of the village, Listen to mantras, take fast for a day and also they are not allowed to sleep, they get cured in few days'.

Since Snakes are less active at winter due to Brumation, we could not see much snake during this time. (26th February) Though we managed to see a Jhaenglai. It was treat for eyes to see a Cobra from such a close distance.

Then we went out on a dhaba for Lunch, then we started our journey back to home at 3.30pm and all of us reached home safely.

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