One Living Life: Life is an Adventure

Thursday 16 November 2017

Life is an Adventure

Life, is an adventure
You start amidst those finer lanes, the fine tarmac
Some, lucky to hold a finger for guidance; Some alone

But, learning is a curve that can never be dodged
And, success does not come in a lash

Its the road that builds you up
Its your destination that prepares you
And, it is adventure that you seek at every turn

For, how long can you bear those same old roads?
For, how long can you subdue that glowing spirit?

So, find your way,
Set your destination & dream bigger... and bigger
There maybe ups and downs, smooth roads or no roads
All to be taken by you.

But, as time moves on, you realize that the journey is as important as your destiny

You need not be the best but, try your best

As you move forward in life,
Don't be ashamed of your emotions
Its okay to be afraid, cause that what keeps you safe
But at times, be brave
Fall down, but garner the courage to get up
Saddle up and continue again

Enjoy the journey
Treasure those moments
Leave no stone unturned
Help others; Form your pack

And, when you come back, have no regrets
Cause, Life is an Adventure
And you took it. You did your best.

S      A       N      D       A      K      P       H      U

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